How to Repair the Air Lock in Your Spa

One frustrating problem you can face when trying to start up your hot tub pad after a fresh fill is an airlock. You already spend all the time cleaning out the tub and waiting for it to fill up. And as you finally go turn the jets on you get nothing. You hear the motors coming on but there is no flow coming through the system. For more information, you can call Calgary hot tub services.

How To Stop an Air Lock in Your Spa

The airlock in spa comes in different issues and there are a couple of ways to fix these issues. One way to stop is putting the hose into the filter well as you refill the tub allowing water to fill the spa plumbing easier. In this way, you can avoid the hassle of air locked hot tub in the first place. Though we try to stop the dreaded airlock it still happens. Here are ways to release the airlock and get on with enjoying the hot bubbly goodness.

Burp the Spa Like Baby

  • Turn the faceplates counter-clockwise so that you can open all the jets.
  • Put in low the heat so the heater does not try and fire.
  • Turn on the jets press jet two times for high speed, let run for 10 to 15 seconds.
  • Do again step 3 a total of three times to increase run time by 10 to 15 seconds each time.
  • When you see air bubble starting to release from the jets leave jets running until all air release.

Before you start the above process make sure you have to turn off the heat off. It is either to turn the heat off at the control panel or turning the temperature down as far as it will go. In this way, the heater will not try to kick on when there is no water flow as that can damage the heater. We offer affordable hot tub pad construction in Calgary. Also, we do hot tub pad repair for whatever type of your hot tub.